What if Jesus was born in the year 2010?

I love this Video. Check it out. The world has changed.

Nature pictures

More pictures I have taken.

Abstract photo

Lately I have gotten fascinated with all the beautiful colors in the nature. Colors that are just a part of the bakground of a photo for example. It is so many beautiful colors and texture in the nature that easily get forgotten. So I have been out taking pictures today, to document some of these colors.


For the symposium I talked about teenagers and popularity linked with magazines and how they effect teenagers. Teenagers buy a lot of products to be popular. Teens often feel insecure about themselves and that?s why they need confirmation from others to feel good. So they buy clothes, magazine, electrical equipment and music to feel like they belong. Teen magazines for girls tell the girl what to wear and what to do to become popular and happy. According the magazines you have to be good looking, have a boyfriend, money to buy things and be popular to be happy, which is given teens the wrong idea on what matters in life. Magazines uses skinny, airbrushed and beautiful models which can give teens eating disorder and depression because no mater what they do, they will never look like the girl on the cover.

After a discussion I realized that this process on wanting thing to be liked starts much earlier then with teens. Even kids in kinder garden want some kind of toy because they`re friends have it, and of course their parents buy it so that their kids wont feel left out. When you are a teenagers it`s still mostly the parents who gives the teens money to buy all the different things to feel like they belong. The parents doesn`t want their teens to be bullied because they don`t have the right clothes, so instead they give in and buy the things their teen wants.

And this continues when you`re older as well. You still want the cool things to feel like you belong, though you probably have to pay for it yourself. Like Marcus pointed out you want a Mac to be a part of the cool Mac group. And later in life you want the great house in the nice neighbourhood, a good job and the awesome car. This need for acceptance doesn`t seem to disappear when you get older; it`s just other things that matter.


1) research and document an actual symposium that relates to your own study project. Add this material to your blog

American library association had a symposium called young adults literature symposium. You can find the information here: http://www.ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs/yalsa/yalitsymposium/programs/slate.cfm#closing

The symposium was about: How to keep the Attention of todays teens, teen readers get graphic, books between cultures, reading: it`s not just about books anymore, Listening is reading: teens choose books out load, Just keep it real as well as other topics.

Unfortunately I can`t find a video from this symposium, which is a shame since it would be interesting to learn more about these subject.

But one of the topics that was discussed were what can teens hande to read.

Jason Kurtz started by stating that teens bring their paradigm to books they read. This worldview is pre-formed by experience with parents, peers, and similar. As Schuelke says, the assumption is that reading changes people. But reading doesn`t shift that; parents, school, community all have a much greater effect. Teens interpret the books they read based on the way they already understand the types of experiences they`re reading about. (http://yalibraryuk.wordpress.com/)

The Future of the book: The impact of Digital Techonology on the publishing industry.

The future of the book: libraries and education in the 21 st centuary: the case of cushing academy, Boston University.

Technology and the future of the book

2) articulate an idea for the MA Graphics symposium, which you can then propose in the planning meeting. Title/subject

Digital development
How has the digital development changed the society and how will it continue to change our future?

Experiment magazine

I dont have more ink left, so I guess I will upload my second magazine here instead. This magazine is a bit more experimental, with focus on typography. The format is A3, and it is still under progress. This is just the beginning, and I will continue to work on this project.

Unit 1 assessment. Thoughts about my development and learning process

What have you developed and learned over the unit?
I have developed my ideas and goals for my project. In the beginning all I wanted to do was redesign books to make them more attractive for teenagers, now I feel that I have pushed the idea forward. I have considered what teenagers like to do, and I am using this information to come up with new approaches to get teenagers interested in a classical story. I have learned to try to think a bit more creative, and reflect more about the choices I make.

What has succeeded and what has failed over the unit?
I have spent quite some time to come up with the idea that I am working on now. Since most of my larger projects still aren`t finished it is hard to say if they will be a success or not. But I definitely think that the facebook project and the magazine project can have a successful outcome. From the beginning a started with quite a few small project like a comic and a book inspired by blogs. Because of my lack of drawing skills as well as an understanding of the medium I think that the comic project failed. I feel that the blog project could have potential but I chose to focus on a facebook story instead. I have also tried to do a bit of photography, where some photos works better then others. Since I haven?t really taken a lot of pictures before I feel that I have learned from this experience.

Has your project proposal changed or developed since its submission?
My student proposal has changed quite a bit, and I feel that it has changed for the better. In the beginning the plan was to redesign classical Norwegian literature, and to make them more suitable for teenagers, by using modern design. I am still working on this project, but now I also have a few other things going on. I have looked into teenager`s hobbies, and come up with a facebook and a magazine concept. Teenagers spend a lot of time online and on facebook, so I thought by changing a classical story into a facebook story I could reach the target group. Research I have done also show that magazine are one of the most popular things for teenagers to read, that?s why I want to continue to work on this idea.

Has your study plan changed?
Because of the development of new projects and new ideas my study plan has changed. The facebook project is a quite challenging project to work with, and will take quite some time to finish. The plan is to try to write a few things per day, and let it develop over time. I want to try to finish the magazine consept soon, so that I can focus on the bookseries and the facebook consept. The plan is also to make letter pressed cards, which will be inside the magazine.

What changes did you make as a result of feedback you received in the Mid Point Review?
For my midpoint review I had made some posters that represented a facebook story. Back then I had used Indesign to make the design. People suggested that I should make actual profiles on facebook based upon the characters. I am working on this, and have made profiles for the main characters. This will be a project that will develop over time. Since facebook states when a post were uploaded I can only write a few things per day, if I want to keep it realistic. I have listened to the feedback and developed the idea further. All the profiles are open for everybody to see, and the characters are a part of a group to link them all together.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit you will be able to:

Develop your Project Proposal to plan a challenging and self-directed programme of study.
By focusing on three different approaches to make teenagers interested in classical literature, I feel that my project proposal is challenging. It gives me an insight in different aspect of design as well as different mediums. My project about changing a story into something that would work on Facebook brings out many questions and problems that I never dealt with before. This is very interesting, but also hard at times.

Learning about teenagers and their reading habits is something that I find very intriguing, and as the course has progressed I have found new ways to approach the project. My project proposal has gone through a development, from focusing on just book covers to explore more alternative design solutions. This development has changed the project, and made it more challenging and fun.

Demonstrate a critical engagement with practice-based research and contribute actively to debate and discussion.
After I have done quite some research I have realised that many parents and teachers has the wrong idea on what can make teenagers more interested in reading. It doesn?t help to force them to read classical literature. The way to make teenagers interested in reading is to let them read what they want to read, and encourage them. I also think that reading for example magazines can lead teenagers into reading other types of literature as well.

I think that since many teenagers dread reading books it is a great way to try to reach them by using channel that they appreciate. Teenagers like to read magazine, so by changing a book into a magazine, the story can reach a new audience and maybe they will realize that they like it.

I think that I could be better to contribute to debate and discussion. This is something that isn`t easy for me all. But I feel that I have tried to change and to contribute more, and hopefully this progress will continue.

Articulate a clear understanding of methodology and context of your creative practice.
The reason that teenagers and reading habits is an important subject is because of the downfall in reading interested among teens. Teenagers read less now then 5 years ago. This development can be seen in light of the technological progress that has changed the society. Teenagers spend most of their time online, and on social networks, instead of reading a book. It is important to address this problem, and try to get teenagers more interested in reading. Parents will play and important role in exposing children for great reading experience, but the design industry can also tribute.

I want to take 3 different approaches on how to reach teenagers. By doing this I am hoping that there will be something for everyone, depending on their personality and attitude towards reading.
For the teenagers that already enjoy reading and spend time doing so, I want to make a more standard book series. I will make different series for different Norwegian Authors. Each series will contain the most important work from that author.

The other approach is for teenagers that don`t like reading books. For these teenagers I am changing a classical story into a magazine format. Magazines are very popular with teenagers, and might not be as overwhelming as a book full of text. I will split the story up in smaller stories, which will make it easier to read.Each number of the magazine will then have a new book in it, and a new team. I want to letterpress some posters or cards, and also make a small book about the author which will be inside the magazine.I think this approach can work well with the target group, and make the interest for classical literature grow.

The third approach is a bit more experimental idea, where I want to reach the group of teenagers that spend most of their time on Facebook.By combining a popular medium with a well know story I hope that I can get teenagers interested in the story. I will make different Facebook profiles for the characters in the story and one for an author. All the characters will be a part of a group that links them together, and the profiles are open for everyone to see. I will document this information by make a book. In this book you will be able to read on the characters walls and see their profile.


On thursday I tried screenprinting for the very first time. I really enjoyed it! It was great doing something else then sitting behind the computer all day. I`ll go back and try some more another time.

Picture of my folder

Took pictures of my reading campaign folders, and I thought this picture looked quite cool.

17th May, Norway`s national day :)

Today Malene and I took a few hours off and went to Southwark Park to celebrate. The 17th May is Norway`s constitution day or national day if you will, and every year the Norwegian people in London gathers in this park to celebrate together. The Norwegian School in London was there and lead the parade thought the park, together with a marching band who flew in from Norway. It was a good day with entertainment, speeches, ice cream and Norwegian hot dogs.

Now its back to work!

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